Sandi | Irvine

May-05-2018 Bark busters rating

I had a wonderful experience working with Lisa from Bark Busters and learning how to be a better dog owner. I found her to be very knowledgeable about using humane training methods which helped me a great deal in training my fear-aggressive dog. Clearly I was the one who needed the training as much as my dog did as I was allowing her to be the one in charge instead of me. But things are different now. After 3 full training sessions I have gained control over my dog's behaviors in our home and she is improving every day on our walks. I am very thankful to Lisa and Bark Busters for the service they provided me at a very crucial time for me. Thanks to her training I have learned the tools to provide Leylah the security she needs so that she doesn't have to be protective of me. I learned how to be the "Alpha" member of the house and I find that it even has helped me be more sure about myself in other areas as well. Thank you , Lisa, so much.

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Susan | Foothill Ranch

March-07-2018 Bark busters rating

Working with Lisa changed my LIFE!!! We have had aggression toward larger dogs (on leash) problems with Kupenda for over 5 years. I NEVER looked forward to walking him. EVER. After the first session, I admit I was not only a bit skeptical but also a bit discouraged with the amount of 're- training' needed for me and my family (4 men). Lisa knew that walking him was our biggest issue and offered to have our second session only a few days after our first. This lesson was life-changing and miraculous. I cried and hugged Lisa after this session as we were able to successfully walk Kupenda past 2 large dogs without him 'freaking out.' I highly recommend Lisa!! She is professional, highly skilled and knows her stuff!! My friends and neighbors can not believe the change in our dog. She is BEYOND amazing! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lisa!!!!


Enron | San Juan Capistrano

February-10-2018 Bark busters rating

Lisa was great! She taught my wife and I some creative training methods that helped transform our wild Great Dane puppy into an obedient well behaved girl. I would definitely use Bark Busters again!

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Holly | Dana Point

January-12-2018 Bark busters rating

We had a great experience with Lisa using the BarkBusters dog training system. We actually started training with her in 2009 and have successfully used the behavioral training methods she taught us all these years! We now have a new puppy and I am so thankful to Lisa that she has remained a trainer with BarkBusters! After several years, I was excited to connect with her again for training aids. She definitely has stood by her lifetime training guarantee! I would highly recommend working with Lisa for dog behavioral training. The BarkBusters method really works!

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Barbara | Corona del Mar

January-09-2018 Bark busters rating

Lisa and Nelson changed our lives! Within fifteen minutes of first meeting them, our little dog, Buddy, was sitting patiently by the front door (instead of charging it when the doorbell rang), walking in a straight line (instead of wandering all over the sidewalk) and waiting patiently to be invited up on the sofa (instead of assuming the entire house was his castle). I am still smacking my forehead about the changes they were able to institute so quickly. They trained our family almost four years ago and I am still giving out their Bark Busters business card to my neighbors and friends. Our lives have been immeasurably changed for the better because they taught us how to be the pack leader in our sweet dog's life. Now, we are amused when we are out and about because we can spot a Bark Buster's trained owner and dog a mile away. We are still grateful, years later . . .

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Wendy | Laguna Niguel

October-15-2017 Bark busters rating

Thomas is doing fabulous! No barking at door and no chasing us down upon departure this morning. No jumping on couch to greet people and no jumping on us either. He sat and stayed for a few more feet for me. 👍🙏

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Phil | Newport Beach

July-03-2017 Bark busters rating

We highly recommend Bark Busters, in particular, Lisa our trainer, she listened to our experiences and explained how she planned to help us with PACO, our 6 year old Tibetan Spaniel. He was a rescue and not good out and about with other people or other dogs. He was also very food driven and stubborn as can be lol! Lisa help us understand how to be the Alpha's in the family, this in turn has help PACO understand he doesn't have to attack everything that moves and we are in control of the situation. Lisa's training schedule covered these issues and trained us as much as PACO, she even brought new collars, harness, leashes and even toys to help us figure out what as best for our dog. We have all come along in leaps and bounds, he's much calmer on walks and it's a now a pleasure to take him out, we don't have to worry about him pulling and almost choking himself now either. If you have a dog in the family that needs a little help, try bark busters, we're delighted with the results.


Terry | Lake Forest

January-10-2017 Bark busters rating

I love Lisa, she helped train my dog Humphrey who had barking and aggression problems. She was very fun and easy to understand. :)


Lucie | Rancho Santa Marguerita

July-25-2016 Bark busters rating

Lisa is an incredible trainer! She helped me with both of my dogs, a German shepherd mix and Belgian Malinois mix, and by the end of the training they had significantly improved by not barking and being less anxious! I love her humane methods! I highly recommend her to anyone seeking help with their dog! I was very nervous before taking the dogs out on walks but I now don't have to be as I am now the one in control :) Thank you so much Lisa!

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Katie | Newport Coast

July-20-2016 Bark busters rating

My dog Hercules was trained by Lisa and she was excellent. She gave us very good tips on how to train our pooch and was always available when we had questions. She is very compassionate towards animals which was very important to my husband and I since so many trainers out there use violent tactics. Hercules now knows we are in charge and has stopped going to the bathroom inside and barking at my husband. Lisa really trained my husband and I more than our dog. We obtained useful tips that we use daily to keep Hercules inline, and she provided us with insight as to what Hercules was thinking and feeling. Hercules is a 10yr old Maltipoo and picked up all the lessons very well. Who said an old dog cant learn new tricks?? Lisa rocks!!

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Julie | Newport Beach

June-30-2016 Bark busters rating

Lisa helped us with our aggressive and fearful dog. She equipped us to better handle potential problematic situations and our dog has already responded well to training. He seems calmer and we feel more relaxed after the training. Lisa also helped with our 4 month old puppy and provided information on how to shape a puppy into a well-behaved dog.

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Jeanne | Laguna Niguel

May-17-2016 Bark busters rating

I just spent the most awesome couple of hours with Lisa from Bark Busters! Unlike my previous in-home dog training experience, I saw immediate results with gentle, quiet, effective, and loving training techniques. She brought great information for us to read (and keep for reference) as well as some unique products for us to check out. I am excited and feel prepared to share my new knowledge with my family and for all of us to begin training our dog to be a better pet with better owners. I will post again with our continued experience with Bark Busters and the amazing results I know we can achieve! I look forward to a happier dog and a healthier family dynamic!

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Cassidy | Aliso Viejo

May-01-2016 Bark busters rating

Drogo has become so much more obedient and calm, with the help of Lisa Neyer of Bark Busters. I work at Kriser's Pet shop in Irvine and called Lisa even before I knew she was networking with the Kriser's in Laguna Niguel. Now I know why they refer her!

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Lucie | RSM

January-20-2016 Bark busters rating

Lisa is a great trainer and we had great success with our 2 dogs. Both our dogs are very shy and nervous but Lisa helped us to build their confidence and see me as the pack leader. They learned to walk on the leash by my side and became less reactive to other dogs on walks. They have stopped being as hyper and jumping on me as I come home. They have been able to learn to stop barking on command. Overall a great experience for all of us and I would recommend to everyone.

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Charles | San Clemente

December-24-2015 Bark busters rating

Thanks for your help this year. Chewy Puppy is getting better each month.

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Diana | Aliso Viejo

November-08-2015 Bark busters rating

My dog Hercules was trained by Lisa and she was excellent. She gave us very good tips on how to train our pooch and was always available when we had questions. She is very compassionate towards animals which was very important to my husband and I since so many trainers out there use violent tactics. Hercules now knows we are in charge and has stopped going to the bathroom inside and barking at my husband. Lisa really trained my husband and I more than our dog. We obtained useful tips that we use daily to keep Hercules inline, and she provided us with insight as to what Hercules was thinking and feeling. Hercules is a 10yr old Maltipoo and picked up all the lessons very well. Who said an old dog cant learn new tricks?? Lisa rocks!!


Chris | san clemente

October-29-2015 Bark busters rating

We adopted Chewy, a 3yro terrier mix, and after several months we knew we needed professional help with Chewy. We contacted Lisa at Barkbusters and she had lots of ideas that we had not yet tried. Chewy definetly responded. She helped with the excessive barking, pulling, and potty training. She always got back to us quickly with answers and suggestions. We also boarded Chewy with Lisa while on a trip and that went well, as Lisa updated us often as to how Chewy was doing.

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Bill | Newport Beach

September-21-2015 Bark busters rating

Thanks for all your help in getting started with our Golden Retriever puppy. It really made a difference!

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Alisa | Ladera Ranch

August-25-2015 Bark busters rating

Lisa and Nelson are angels. They not only helped to train my Pomeranian but she gets pampered and loved by them at their house every time I go out of town. I would never consider leaving Portia with anyone else but the Neyers.

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Alan | San Juan Capistrano

May-29-2015 Bark busters rating

The dogs have barked only 2 times in the last 24 hours since you left! Now my neighbor will stop complaining!

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JUDI | 92677

February-15-2015 Bark busters rating

This is just a quick follow-up to my Standard Poodle beginning to mark his territory in our entryway when I relocated a new potted plant there. Why the plant I have no idea but I would no sooner clean up his nasty puddle and there it would appear again! I am dog-sitting my daughter's Standard Poodle as well, but have had the visitor for a year now so this plant thing was just annoying. I tried everything, and he just wasn't getting it! Lisa suggested I stop the scolding and place the food or water bowl at the spot. What a great idea! I'd rather live with a water bowl in my entry than a yellow puddle. It worked like a charm. No spotting on their water bowl!! Thank you Lisa!

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Nicole | Laguna Beach

December-16-2014 Bark busters rating

I have a happy calmer home. Lisa has a wonderful handle of the dogs. Her explanations and training were incredibly helpful. Things where I thought were my own psychology she showed me instead how a dog thinks. It's been very helpful as I had a stressful household and now it's a lot calmer and in control. Lots of good training tips. She was a delight to work with. The one on one training is very recommended.

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Cherrie | Newport Beach

November-30-2014 Bark busters rating

My dog Coco and I recently moved from a home to an apartment. Coco became very aggressive walking or when someone came to the door. I was beside myself! I wanted in home training because that is where everything happens not some training school. Lisa from Bark Busters came to my apartment and had the true experience of Coco! She explained how I also need to understand how Cocos mind works as we then can work as one. Lisa was SO informative and a delight to work with! In between our sessions I worked with Coco on what Lisa had taught me and it really starting working! Now our sessions are over and an absolute delight to say what a pleasure to have my Coco by my side!!! Lisa said they are there for me whenever I need and that is a true comfort. Thank you, Thank you Lisa!!!!

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Emma | Corona del Mar

November-08-2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa and Nelson to the rescue for potty training, biting,teething, nipping, jumping, basic obedience leading into front door manners and walking nicely on a leash in public. I was consistent with their easy to remember dog training exercises, after their demonstrations and coaching me to proceed, and I am SO glad that I did. It worked! Now my puppy has grown into a well behaved adult dog who is the best dog in the neighborhood. I tell everyone about Lisa and Nelson with Bark Busters! I was impressed that they didn't use any kind of shock or prong or citronella collars, as well as using hands for showing and guiding and praise only. I am so grateful to them and their training that my dog responded to when others had failed. I have also been encouraged to call them if new unwanted behaviors crop up and need to be solved!

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Carol | Newport Beach

August-04-2014 Bark busters rating

We contacted Bark Busters because Curly Joe was super aggressive. His barking was out of control and he gave the impression that he might bite when people or other animals went by our home. That coupled with digging and not sitting or coming when called made it difficult for us to control him. For us, nothing we did seemed to work. Curly Joe was in total control of our home. Lisa and Nelson are miracle workers, from the first lesson through all subsequent visits. In fact, we've described their work to our friends and relatives to that of a miracle. To see the difference now with Curly Joe is just amazing. We still have a ways to go but he is about 80% improved. Showing respect to Lisa and Nelson, Curly Joe is now called Curly Joseph because he is so well behaved.


Gil & Tina | Lake Forest

July-20-2014 Bark busters rating

We are truly pleased with the professionalism,knowledge and caring that both Lisa and Nelson Neyer expressed throughout our dog Samos's training. Prior to his training Samos was essentially training our family members to cater to his wants and desires. Now, Samos knows respect, obedience and responds more positively from simply hand movements, varied voice tones and repetitive training methods learned from the "Bark Busters Dog Training Program". We sincerely appreciate the on-site trainers and effective dog training program-

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Kristin | San Clemente

March-05-2014 Bark busters rating

Lisa and Nelson were fantastic!! They were so positive and friendly! They made me feel at ease that my dogs would be trained! I was 7 months pregnant with my first child and I wanted to make sure my dogs were behaved and ready! They came to my home and We practiced walking the dogs with the stroller and worked on skills such as not approaching the door when the bell rings or visitors arrive. My dogs definitely improved and remember their training from Barkbusters! Thanks Lisa and Nelson!! I know Gunner and Roxy enjoyed their training too!

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Dorinda | Laguna Woods

February-01-2014 Bark busters rating

Hi, well this little "angel" is mine and I have to say Bark Busters saved the day!! Baxter would bark for 6 hours straight while we were gone. Our neighbors and HOA were fed up and we were completely at a loss for what to do. Then Bark Busters came and with the first session we saw improvements! Just a month later and this is a completely different dog. No more trying to chew his way out of the house! Thanks Lisa and Nelson!!!!!

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Liliana | San Clemente

January-15-2014 Bark busters rating

My boys are now well behaved in public, combined weight is now over 200 lbs. Happy to report that they do listen to their commands and I am able to take them everywhere and have total control. We had a little chihuahua lunge and try to attack us but my boys remained at my side and never broke eye contact- such a proud canine mama! Thank you Bark Busters!

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Holly | DanaPoint

November-02-2013 Bark busters rating

My husband and I decided we needed to take our pitbull to a dog trainer after she had been attacked at a local dog park. We found bark busters online a decided to give them a call. I was amazed at how quickly they responded and how willing they were to train our dog. Most places we called the moment I said anything about a pitbull they seemed a little apprehensive! But not Nelson and Lisa. When they arrived for our at home training they were always on time and ready to train. We have now completed our training and still keep In contact with them. They have even been willing to help us with questions for our new puppy. If your looking to partner up with people who not only train your dog, but will love your dog, bark busters in San Clemente is the way to go! However I will warn you, dog training takes a lot of time and patience, but it's worth it!

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Pamela | Corona del Mar

July-09-2013 Bark busters rating

Bark Busters were friendly and professional, providing great care and insight into the behaviors of my highly energetic white standard poodle. I would recommend them to anyone. Asta's issues were high speed running throughout the house, jumping on people, barking, and marking territory in our living room. Lisa and Nelson Neyer helped teach me to manage these behaviors, and now my little guy is sitting and listening, and appears to be less anxious. Money well spent!

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Jet | Mission Viejo

May-14-2013 Bark busters rating

Lisa was able to help Blue to meet the needs of our daughter, who is diagnosed Asperger's(autistic). Lisa's sensitivity and experience teaching special needs children made her the perfect choice. Blue's Service designation has given our daughter a larger world. I am eternally grateful to Lisa & Nelson and Bark Busters.